A new scientific revolution is quietly underway. Laboratories around the world have proven that many kinds of paranormal phenomena are real. They represent a new kind of force, one that is able to travel forward and backward in time, a force that does not weaken with distance. It is a force unlike anything conventional science has ever seen.

This energy has been known and used for thousands of years in some ancient cultures. It is called CHI in China (also spelled Qi but pronounced "chee"), it is called PRANA among the Hindu Yogis...It is called MANA by the Polynesians, ORENDO by the Iroquois, WAKEN by the Sioux (Lakota), and BARAKA by North Africans. In the West it is often called SUBTLE ENERGY. It is the energy which enables adepts, Yogis and Shamen to achieve the miraculous feats they do. It enables QiGong masters from China to project their energy over thousands of miles to heal injured cells and to cure cancer in laboratory experiments. This energy changes the laws of physics and is the explanation for many strange phenomena which we in the West call "paranormal."

This energy and the scientific laws behind it are the focus of two books written by Dr. Swanson. The first is The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal. It summarizes the best evidence for many kinds of paranormal phenomena. In many cases these strange forces have been demonstrated under rigorous scientific statistics, with odds of millions or even billions to one against chance. This evidence is presented in a "user friendly" way, with a minimum of jargon, and with over 140 photographs, figures and sketches.

The second book, Volume II, is Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness. It focuses on the energy behind these strange phenomena. They occur when this energy is built up in the body, often by special meditation and breathing techniques. It is used by healers and shamen around the world. In recent Laboratory tests it has been shown to alter the physics of every other known force, leading to measurable effects which have made it possible to understand this mysterious force scientifically. Russian scientists have developed a rigorous theory for this force, calling it TORSION. Patents, Equations and Devices have been developed using this new science.

This is leading to a breakthrough in our understanding of energy healing as well as physics of consciousness. This is a genuine and far reaching scientific revolution. In these two books, Dr. lays out the extensive evidence, including thousands of references, hundreds of graphs, and the stories behind them which explain how this force works.

The author, Dr. Claude Swanson, is an MIT and Princeton educated physicist. Dr. Claude Swanson, has put together the "best evidence" showing that our present scientific paradigm is broken. He describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long-range healing, psychokinesis (mind over matter), scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). In addition he discusses research in energy healing, showing how results are achieved over great distances, and can even project forward and backward in time. He describes experiments in which this energy alters radioactive decay, bends laser beams, and alters material properties. It even changes mass, weight and density of materials, effects which are supposed to be "impossible" according to Western science.

These are just a few of the areas where new research is defying the old beliefs of conventional science.  It points the way to a new, expanded science which, instead of denying the role of consciousness and spirit, begins to integrate these forces into a larger, more highly evolved and integrated world view. The truly "unified field theory" must explain and understand both science and consciousness. In doing so, it begins to heal the ancient rift between science and spirituality. And in the last chapter of the book, he proposes some ways to modify and expand present science to begin to achieve these goals.

Some of the best proven paranormal phenomena are those of ESP, remote viewing, psychokinesis, and some group consciousness experiments. There are also rigorous experiments showing that energy healing has real benefit, although as with all the paranormal forces, our science does not understand the nature of the force. Evidence is also described for astral or out of body travel, the near death experience, levitation and teleportation. Certain gifted individuals have been able to master these forces and produce them at will. They are known as "adepts" and are also discussed in the book. In modern times a tradition still exists of the yogi, India’s "spiritual superman," who evokes some of these powers. The tradition and methods of training and development of these abilities is also described.

The last chapter of Volume I introduces a new model of physics which may begin to explain some of these strange and mysterious phenomena. In Volume II this description is expanded to explain the nature of SUBTLE ENERGY (CHI, TORSION) and how it causes such a wide range of strange effects.

Present day physics has no hope of explaining the paranormal or long range energy healing. This is why contemporary science often denies or ridicules these forces. We propose that a deeper theory is needed, one which goes beneath the quantum realm to a more fundamental picture of the universe. This leads to the idea that every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle, that nanosecond to nanosecond they interact and are coupled across the vast distances of space.

This leads to the central idea that we are living in a "synchronized universe," one layer of  which we see and interact with and are synchronized with. This means every particle, every atom that we see as "real" is synchronized with the other atoms and particles in what we call the "real" universe. Other universes, with a different synchronization, can coexist with our own and yet they can pass right through each other. The model explains in a very natural way the strange time and space effects of psychic phenomena. It explains how objects pass through walls in teleportation and astral travel. It begins to offer a way to understand how the soul, the center of human consciousness, can exist in a permanent form, surviving human death. It offers a useful beginning to a deeper understanding of the universe and of ourselves.