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"Interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Claude Swanson has pursued investigations into "unconventional physics." The domain of speculation by theoretical physics, Dr Swanson believes thousands of cases of NDEs and OBEs indicate that parallel realities and other dimensions do exist. That finally, paranormal research suggests that the human soul, the center of human consciousness, can survive death and is apparently an energy form which can move and exist independently of the body. Science is discovering that, in the words of The Monroe Institute pioneer, Robert Monroe, " We are far more than our physical bodies."

Dr. Swanson’s principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called "Theory of Everything" which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level. This led him to investigate many aspects of the paranormal, which appear to be completely real phenomena which violate our present science. Paranormal phenomena offer a window into the deeper universe, the mysteries of consciousness, and unlock new forces and principles which conventional science has only begun to glimpse. For example, it has been found that signals can move much faster than light, and the human consciousness and even human influence, can move backward and forward in time. Science fiction concepts such as teleportation and levitation seem to occur in reality in paranormal events, and offer powerful evidence that this will be the new frontier of science.

Educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University, Dr. Claude Swanson received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship from Princeton. During those years, he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the "Gravity Group," which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy. Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. He began work for Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, then later formed his own consulting company which carried out studies in applied physics for various commercial and governmental agencies." Claude is also on the Board of Directors at The Monroe Institute (www.monroeinstitute.org).

Claude has published The Synchronized Universe which summarizes some of the new discoveries of this emerging science and LIfe Force, The Scientific Basis. Claude is in the process of publishing a third book.


There is growing understanding in science of what makes energy medicine possible. It is a force which pervades the universe and underlies the forces of western physics. It is the energy which forms the aura and makes esp and long distance  healing possible. It is known in oriental medicine as "prana" or "chi." recent discoveries in Russia have established the physics underlying this force. They call it "torsion." it is probably the cause of several anomalies in western physics, including "dark matter" and "dark energy." it seems to be a universal force underlying all of physics, and is the basis for energy medicine... DR. CLAUDE SWANSON, PH.D.


Dr. Swanson is a ph.d. physicist with a distinguished educational background. His first book in The Synchronized Universe series began as a study of extraordinary human abilities.  The first volume, available now, collects the best scientific evidence that these abilities are real. Some of them have been demonstrated in the laboratory, with statistics of billions to one against chance - in other words, they are real. 

This is dramatic evidence that a new force, torsion, is real. This is the central topic of Dr. Swanson's new book, "Life Force", the scientific basis." this is a force which was discovered over fifty years ago in russia, but has been left out of modern physics. It explains psychic phenomena, esp, pk, remote viewing and distant healing. It is a revolutionary new force which explains many of the puzzles of modern physics involving consciousness, the paranormal, and energy medicine.

Recently published... "Life force, the scientific basis." the long awaited volume ii of The Synchronized Universe, is now available!
It is the most comprehensive handbook on subtle energy: 720 pages, 1,500 references, 450 figures, it establishes the science and the physics which backs up and explains many mysteries, including long distance healing, the nature of the aura, and how shamanism creates instantaneous changes.  It explains what "subtle energy," also called "chi," prana, "orgone" and torsion, really is. It explains what energy healers are really doing when they send their energy to a far away client. It connects the mystical part with the scientific part of healing. Devices are now being built and patented, and equations being developed which integrate this ancient and elusive force with modern science.

Prof. Rustum roy, distinguished professor at penn state, called this book "a tour de force." dr. Elmer green, scientist at the menninger clinic and founder of issseem, said of this book: "it is one for the ages. I highly recommend it."

 Life force-the scientific basis focuses on evidence from many scientists and many cultures, from shamans in hawaii and siberia, to chinese medicine, from scientists in russia such as nikolai kozyrev to lab experiments with  powerful energy healers, from acupuncture research to studies of ancient sacred sites and modern crop circle formations.  One qigong master, jixing li,  has selectively killed cancer cells in petri dishes 2,000 miles away, while sparing others inches from them, demonstrating the accuracy that is possible with this energy. Qigong master dr. Yan xin has projected his energy over thousands of miles to alter decay rates of radioactive materials, change the bonding structure of water, and bent laser beams under the watchful eyes of top chinese physicists.

One of the most distinguished  scientists in china is dr. Qian xuesen (tsien hsue-shen), famous in both the u.s. and china. He is the founder of the modern chinese aerospace and rocket program, chairman of the chinese association of science and technology, and author of a standard textbook, engineering cybernetics.  He is listed in wikipedia as one of the founders of the jet propulsion laboratory at the california institute of technology (caltech), and was former goddard professor there. In 2008 he was named person of the year by the american magazine aviation week and space technology.

After thoroughly studying the experiments conducted with dr. Yan xin, he made the following statement:
“these experimental results (by dr. Yan xin and his coworkers) are a first in the world. They unequivocally demonstrate that without touching substances, the human body can affect them and change their molecular structures and properties…they are new scientific discoveries and the prelude to a scientific revolution.”

This shows that the "life force" energy is being recognized by top scientists for what it is: a genuine scientific revolution! The best and most complete description of this force in english is Dr. Swanson's new book: "life force, the scientific basis." 
 it explains many new discoveries in the science of life not recognized before in western medicine: how the biophoton field and the aura, made of torsion or subtle energy, forms the "blueprint" for the body's growth and instructs each cell in how to specialize. It explains why kirlian gdv cameras really do measure the aura, and how dark energy and dark matter, which have puzzled physics, can be explained by the life force energy.

By comparing the extensive research of Baron Von Reichenbach in Germany with Russian torsion scientists, Wilhelm Reich  and Callahan and Tiller in the U.S., a much deeper and comprehensive understanding of this energy has been achieved. The way it is used by the body for efficient metabolism becomes clear. Its use in sacred sites to generate unique spiritual environments, and the higher dimensional aspects of subtle energy in music, fragrance, emotion, and the power of shape and sound (yantra and mantra) are explored. The book develops a new "science of consciousness" as it explores these various aspects of subtle energy and the way they connect our awareness to higher dimensional consciousness and contact with spirit...


Dr. Swanson is a ph.d. physicist with a distinguished educational background. His first book in The Synchronized Universe series began as a study of extraordinary human abilities:

-remote viewing
-psychokinesis, also called pk or mind over matter
-out of body experience
-survival of the soul
The first volume, available now, collects the best scientific evidence that these abilities are real. Some of them have been demonstrated in the laboratory, with statistics of billions to one against chance - in other words, they are real.

What do these abilities tell us about our true nature?

They reveal an energy which is the secret to manifesting our goals and desires.

This energy is the secret to healing.

Dr. Swanson's research reveals that 20th century science has overlooked an important force - the power of consciousness. It shows up in lab experiments as something called "subtle energy," also called "chi" or "qi," prana, the "life force," "orgone," bioenergy, and many other names.
It is the energy used by energy healers, it is the energy projected by chinese qi gong masters and reiki healers. It is the energy which a yogi builds up in his body through special breathing called "pranayama," the concentration of prana.
This energy alters the laws of physics. It is the bridge between 20th century science and the science of the new age. It is also the bridge between science and spirit.
Dr. Swanson's research has focused on the nature of this energy - how healers create it and use it, how our laws of nature are altered by it. This energy is the key to a science of consciousness. It is also the key to many new forms of healing.
This website offers a brief overview of some of the information.  For a more complete description, order the book The Synchronized Universe:  New Science of the Paranormal.